Galette des Rois à la Frangipane

Galette des Rois à la Frangipane
First time made this pastry and above is the result!


300 grams puff pastry homemade or store bought (I made a puff pastry prior and stored it in the freezer)
50 -100 grams sugar (to taste)
1 egg 
50 grams ground / powdered almonds (or almond meal)
50 grams butter at room temperature


Mix 1 egg in a bowl. Save about one tablespoon of beaten egg in a separate container for brushing on top of the pastry at the end. Add sugar to the main part of the beaten egg and whisk well, so it becomes light in color and has a slightly airy texture. Then add small pieces of butter (at room temperature) to the sugar and egg mix. Once it has a smooth texture incorporate ground almond to finish the filling.

Roll the puff pastry about 3-4mm thickness and cat into two pieces. Transfer the bottom layer of dough onto a baking sheet put the filling while reserving about 2-3cm of edges for closing. Cover with the second layer and using fingers or fork press the edges to seal. Brush with the reserved 1 tablespoon of egg. Bake at 370 - 390 F for 25 - 30 minutes.   

Bon appetit!