Simple ways to eat fresh pomegranate arils (seeds) daily

Enjoying fresh pomegranate arils (seeds) on a daily basis is a delicious and healthy habit in our family especially when pomegranates are in season. In the beginning of the season I posted a youtube video on how to remove pomegranate arils. I will keep updating this post for new ways of enjoying fresh arils as pomegranates become available at stores.

#1 Enjoy fresh arils with spoon or one aril at a time. I usually start eating while de-seeding 4-5 pomegranates, which will be ready to go as a snack or part of a meal in the following few days. It is best to store arils in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Here are fruits of 25 minutes of de-seeading four large pomegranates.

deseeded pomegranate arils

#2 Sprinkle arils on top of the plain homemade yogurt for a real fruit pomegranate yogurt treat.
I like pomegranates in combination with yogurt and muesli as a quick nutritious breakfast. This is the link to the homemade organic yogurt recipe.     

Pomegranate yogurt muesli

#3 Pomegranate arils salad made with available fresh fruits and vegetables. Here is the link to the salad recipe with apple, carrot, celery, and radish.   

Fruit salad with pomegarante seeds

more ways to enjoy arils are coming soon ....