DIY organic belly and body butter with only four ingredients (especially for mamas)

I started using simple extra virgin coconut oil to moisturize dry and itchy skin, which worked wonderfully, but needed frequent applications. Most popular belly moisturizers on the market contain essential oils and cooking oils that can be found in health food stores. This recipe contains no essential oils and is suited for very sensitive, stretchy, and dry pregnant mama skin.
Pregnancy body butter
Makes four 120ml or 4oz jars of whipped belly butter 

75 grams Extra virgin coconut oil
75 grams Cocoa butter, grated
75 grams Cold pressed olive oil
10 grams Beeswax, grated
Organic ingredients for diy belly butter

In a medium pot fill halfway with water (or use a double boiler). Place all ingredients in a glass container and let melt in the pot of water on medium heat. After all ingredients melted, remove the glass container from the pot and let it cool at room temperature for about half an hour.
cooking oils for butter

Transfer into the refrigerator to accelerate cooling. After 20-30 minutes the oil mixture will start to solidify around the edges and be ready for whipping up with a hand mixer.
Belly butter oils set after refrigeration
To achieve a whipped consistency use a whisk attachment and beat for about 5-7 minutes. Transfer whipped belly butter into 4oz or 120ml airtight containers and store at room temperature.

This butter has beautiful cocoa fragrance.         

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