Quick and nutrituous homemade baby food ideas

Variety of precut and frozen fruits and vegetables as well as precooked, frozen meat choices and grains make the baby's meal preparation possible in less than 15 minutes. Eggs, cheese, dried fruits, spices, oil, homemade plain yogurt, and cookies are part of the meal as well. A fork is the main tool for mashing and making it easy for a baby with no or only a few teeth to chew the food. A hand blender is a handy tool for grinding cooked ground beef and chicken hearts, but most other meat are cut with knife and mashed with a fork. Pomegranate arils are crushed with a spoon in a cup. Hard fruits like persimmon, apple, mango can be grated.

Probiotics with fruits

Fresh pomegranate juice from crushed fresh arils and homemade yogurt (6+ months)

Pomegranate arils for babies

Grated persimmon with homemade yogurt (8+ months)

Persimmon as solid food


Oatmeal with raspberries and mango (7+ months)

Oatmeal with crushed mango chunks and blueberries (7+ months)

Superfood baby food oats mango blueberries

Zucchini with scrambled egg yolk (7+ months)

Zucchini with scrambled eggs

Persimmon, egg yolk, apple, and prune (8+ months)

Persimmon, prune, egg yolk, apple

Main meals for lunch or dinner

Ground beef with peas, carrots, and potatoes (7+ months)

Super baby food with peas, carrots, ground beef

Chicken liver with carrots, potatoes, and cauliflower (6+ months)

Carrots potatoes chicken liver super baby food

Chicken liver with peas and carrots (6+ months)

Baby food chicken liver with peas and carrots

Chicken breast with mashed potatoes, zucchini, and lima beans (9+ months)

Chicken liver with lima beans, mashed potatoes

Ground beef with buckwheat, kale, and wild blueberries

Ground beef with buckwheat, kale, and wild blueberries

Zucchni, sweet potato, and french beans (haricots verts from Trader Joe's)

Zucchni, sweet potato, and french beans

more baby food ideas coming soon ...  

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