Recipe Index

Recipes with pomegranate seeds / pomegranate arils 
Simple ways to enjoy fresh pomegranates
Pomegranate crêpes cake
Pomegranate sponge cake
Pomegranate seeds salad 

Artisan breads
Khachapuri bread with cheese and meat
Choereg / Choreg / Chorek - Armenian Easter Bread
Sourdough breads baked in Dutch Oven
Buckwheat and white flour bread
Pain de Campagne or country bread
Sourdough starter - liquid levain
Homemade Laugenbrezeln - traditional German pretzel

Fresh fig and cheese pizza 

Desserts and sweets
Raisin and oatmeal bites
Nut flour and oatmeal treats sweetened with medjool dates
Gluten free almond raisin cookies
Strawberry chocolate almond flour cake
Blueberry scones with honey
Apricot tart with honey and walnuts
Pomegranate crêpes cake
Gluten free fruit cake with blueberries and raspberries
Classic French Macarons
Matcha Green Tea Macarons
Galette des rois à la Frangipane
Vanillekipferl or vanilla butter cookies
Pomegranate sponge cake 

Eggs with beef liver and kale
Dyeing Easter eggs with vegetables, fruits, and spices
Eggs with beets and mushrooms
Eggs with radish and avocado
Eggs with mushroom and spinach
Chicken hearts with kale, carrot and garlic
Tomato egg recipe /լոլիկով ձվաձեղ

Potato, zucchini, and carrot gratin
Tolma (dolma) stuffed grape leaves
Easter rice pilaf with dried fruits (raisins, apricots, prunes)
Sushi roll with simple ingredients

Homemade probiotics
Homemade yogurt / տնական մածուն
Homemade Sauerkraut

Organ meats recipes
Chicken hearts with kale, carrot and garlic

Bone broths, meat stocks, & soups
Seaweed soup with beef stock and vegetables 
Ox feet soup - bone broth
Warming winter soup with beets and herbs

Salads, appetizers, spreads
Pomegranate seeds salad 
Carrot walnut salad 
Hummus spread

Preserving fruits & vegetables
Preserving fresh black figs 

Organic body and belly butter with only four ingredients